Lebua Sky Bar Bangkok

Lebua Sky Bar – Bangkok’s best city view at night

Hi friends! Do you also love to enjoy a great city panorama at night? Then Lebua Sky Bar is the perfect place for you if you’re in Bangkok! We went there to have a great evening out in Thailand’s capital and were definitely not disappointed!

Lebua Sky Bar at night

In case you’re wondering what the view looks like at daytime: You have seen the movie Hangover 2, right? Remember the part in the skybar where Mr Chow got arrested? That’s exactly the place.

If you can’t remember, here’s the scene again ;):

So as you can guess, Lebua Sky Bar is anything but boring!

Let’s start with some key facts about Lebua Sky Bar:

  • Sky Bar is located inside Lebua State Tower, Thailand’s second tallest building (Bang Ran Disctrict)
  • With a great view from 64th floor, it is the world’s highest open-air bar
  • the best part is the 360-degree city panorama view including Chao Phraya River and Bangkok’s skyline
  • Lebua Sky Bar has been featured in the movie Hangover II as mentioned above
Lebua State Tower

The elegant entrance hall of Lebua State Tower

What do you need to know for visiting Lebua Sky Bar?

  • You should definitely consider their dress code which is similar to any elegant bar’s or restaurant’s required attire
  • The prices of cocktails start at approximately 500 Baht (12,50 Euro), there’s also an amazing choice of fine wines and different beers
  • In my opinion it’s the easiest to go there by taxi or Tuktuk. However, it’s also possible to take the boat until Sathorn (Taksin) and walk for 10 minutes to get there
  • opening hours are from 6pm to 1am daily
Lebua Sky Bar night view

Our fun evening out at Lebua Sky Bar

So why should you visit Lebua Sky Bar?

There are many different sky bars in Bangkok but we chose Lebua because of its superlatives (highest open air bar, featured in Hangover II, voted best sky bar several times) and were absolutely impressed.

The amazing view

It’s certainly amazing to see the view at daytime but we wanted to have the full night panorama experience. Have a look at the amazing Chao Phraya River view and Bangkok’s glamorous skyline:

Lebua Sky Bar night panorama

Look at those glimmering city lights!

Lebua Sky Bar night view

Enjoy the view at Chao Phraya river…

Lebua Sky Bar at night

…and the colorful boats at night!

Lebua Sky Bar at night

Watch Bangkok’s crazy traffic from above and relax…

Lebua Sky Bar

There is so much to see!

The delicious cocktails

While we were busy enjoying Bangkok’s colorful panorama at night, we tried different signature cocktails at Lebua Sky Bar. They are definitely more on the pricier side but totally worth it!

Cocktails are generally served with a delicious snack of smoked almonds. However, we also chose to have some little snacks like baby calamari on the side which were to die for!

What I really liked about the cocktail menu was the unique mix of ingredients and the combination of different flavors. In addition to that the visual presentation of the cocktails was absolutely on point. See for yourself:

Lebua Sky Bar Devil in Red

One of my favorites: Devil in Red

Lebua Sky Bar cocktails

My fiancé’s choice: A Wasabi infused cocktail

Lebua Sky Bar cocktails

Delicious Berry Cocktails + Fire and Ice (An iced chili infused drink) – So good!

Our conclusion

We were so excited about visiting Lebua Sky Bar and it has far exceeded our expectations! The view was absolutely breathtaking, the cocktails unique and delicious and the overall location simply magnificent.

Furthermore the staff was very polite and attentive which is always an important aspect on my personal check list. We’d definitely come back to Lebua Sky Bar!

Where’s your favorite sky bar located? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 !

Lebua Sky Bar

This Article Has 18 Comments
  1. Jay sagt:

    Wow this bar looks amazing! Your camera does such an excellent job at night photography and those cocktails look delicious

  2. Taryn sagt:

    This looks so cool! Spectacular views, and I love the chill vibe.

  3. Constance sagt:

    That bar looks so amazing inside and out! The view is so beautiful and the interiors as well. The drinks are very Instagram-friendly too! Super impressive!

  4. Looks and sounds exactly like the place we will need to visit when we get to Bangkok in December. Many thanks for the review

  5. Monica Badiu sagt:

    Karoline your pics are awesome. And this place looks like a bucket-list thing. Definitely something to see.

  6. Travelquartz sagt:

    The pictures are awesome, glad you shared details from the movie Hangover , my favorite skybar was in Vegas

  7. Jen sagt:

    Too bad i missed this when i went to bangkok last time. But im coming back next year! But how much is the average price for the cocktails though? I love the hangover reference, i was really curious where they shot that. Thanks for sharing. Now i know!

  8. Heraa Farooq sagt:

    Bangkok is no doubt an amazing place. I wasn’t aware of Lebua skybar. I didn’t know hangover scene was shooted over there. I would have definitely visited this place. The pictures are fabulous with great views.

  9. Yesh Sewdayal sagt:

    I remember this from the Hangaover movie! I love seeing places from movies – makes it surreal! Your pictures are amazing, especially of the Chao Phraya River from above! Great post Karo!

  10. Jem sagt:

    Your photos are absolutely stunning! What a fantastic view. The cocktails looked pretty good too sounds like you had a wonderful night

  11. WhodoIdo sagt:

    The views of bangkok from the sky bar are amazing! The cocktails at the bar look fantastic. When we visited Bangkok a few years ago, we had dinner and drinks at the Red Sky bar. We will definitely visit Lebua sky bar when make a return trip.

  12. Jim sagt:

    All in all, it sounds like the atmosphere and being able to see all of Bangkok is worth it. We are gonna be heading back out that way in a few months and will definitely stop by!

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