Where to stay in Brussels – Sofitel L’Europe

Hi friends!

After our recent city weekend trip to Brussels I would like to share our experiences with you and give you some advice on where to stay in Brussels (Ad/Anzeige). As you know I’m always looking for comfortable and luxurious places to stay and Sofitel L’Europe seemed just right. Let me tell you why we enjoyed our stay there so much 🙂 !

So, here’s some general information about Sofitel L’Europe in Brussels:

  • classification: 5 stars
  • location: Place Jourdan (European Quarter Brussels)
  • capacity: 149 rooms and suites
  • non-smoking hotel
  • restaurant & bar inside the hotel (lunch, dinner & bar)
  • fitness center, hammam and massages available
  • metro connection  to most popular sights nearby (Schumann station)

Arriving at Sofitel L’Europe

We stayed at Sofitel L’Europe for two nights on our weekend trip (Friday to Sunday). The check-in process was super easy because online check-in before arrival is available – definitely a big plus!

Upon arrival we were really impressed with the modern yet cozy design of the spacious lobby:

Sofitel Brussels L'Europe lobby

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels lobby

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels lobby

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels lobby

What I really liked was the well equipped library next to the reception. It’s definitely a great place if you want to use Sofitel L’Europe’s PCs or choice of books and magazines:

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels library

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels library

Another big plus of the hotel is the spacious terrace (7th floor) which offers a great city view!

The terrace can also be used for celebrations or festivities and gives you the feeling of the typical Brussels flair:

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels terrace view Place Jourdan

Sofitel L'Europe terrace view Place Jourdan

If you seek some quiet time and prefer a leisurely walk in a park, here’s some good news for you: Park Leopold is located directly behind the hotel. The atmosphere there couldn’t be more relaxing.

Sofitel L'Europe location Park Leopold

Sofitel L'Europe location Park Leopold

So whether you are looking for a quiet space to relax or a hotel that is well connected to interesting sights and places in Brussels: Sofitel L’Europe can fulfill your wishes in both cases. That is something I personally truly appreciate in a hotel: a central location and quiet relaxing spaces at the same time!

Rooms and suites at Sofitel L’Europe

There is a great choice of rooms and suites at this hotel. All of them are well equipped with comfortable beds, laptop-sized safes, complimentary Wifi, tea and coffee making facilities, BOSE radios and flat screen TVs as well as luxurious HermĂšs toiletries – the scent was to die for!

All these aspects made our stay very comfortable and convenient! A high comfort level is always super important to me when I travel and Sofitel L’Europe absolutely impressed me.

Here are some impressions of rooms and suites at Sofitel L’Europe:

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels rooms and suites

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels rooms and suites

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels rooms and suites

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels rooms and suites

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels rooms and suites

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels rooms and suites

Eating at Sofitel L’Europe

Another factor that is always important to me when choosing a hotel is food and drinks. I clearly prefer hotels that offer room service, a great breakfast choice and contain a great bistro or restaurant for dinner and cocktails. Sofitel L’Europe has managed to impress me with all aspects.

The breakfast

Breakfast at Sofitel L’Europe is amazing! The variety of fresh food is absolutely delicious! They even offer their own signature honey at breakfast. In addition, you can choose whether you want to eat breakfast in their beautiful breakfast room with amazing city views or directly in bed. Here are some impressions of both options:

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels breakfast

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels breakfast

Dinner and drinks

Having dinner at Sofitel L’Europe gives you the opportunity to taste different options of the best food from Belgium: A divine choice of beers, heavenly fries and lots of other specialties are available at CafĂ© MarchĂ© Jourdan.

The breathtaking design of the bar and restaurant with a beautiful view at Place Jourdan made our dinner even more magnificent.

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels restaurant Café Marché Jourdan

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels restaurant Café Marché Jourdan

Sofitel L'Europe Brussels restaurant Café Marché Jourdan

Would we stay here again?

I can definitely say that we would absolutely stay at Sofitel Brussels L’Europe again!

Here is a short overview of why we were both so impressed with this hotel:

  • high level of comfort (rooms, lobby, restaurant etc.)
  • spacious and well equipped rooms and suites
  • amazing location (quiet and well connected at the same time!)
  • delicious food and drinks in beautiful locations (loved the design of CafĂ© MarchĂ© Jourdan!)
  • excellent service and most helpful staff (thanks again to Hicham from the front desk!)

Have you already stayed at Sofitel L’Europe or any other Sofitel around the world? I’d love to hear your experiences. Feel free to share them in the comments below 🙂 !


This post was written in collaboration with Sofitel Brussels. Like always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Sarah sagt:

    Looks like a great hotel to stay! Love the pictures and the film, gives a great image of the hotel!

  2. Dhara sagt:

    Great review of the Sofitel, Karo! Love all the details and the photos are beautiful. The library is a big plus for me as is the park nearby. I would definitely stay here! We stayed at the Sofitel in Amsterdam some years ago and really loved it.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed it. We want to go to Amsterdam this year and are totally considering staying at the Sofitel there as well. Just love the hotels!

  3. Savannah sagt:

    This place looks so awesome! I would totally stay here. Also, GREAT job on the video and pictures! I hate it when people review hotels and they only have a few maybe-good pictures.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Hey Savannah, thanks a lot for your feedback, I feel the same way. It’s so important as a reader or viewer to get a great overview, can’t do that with low-quality material.

  4. Followingtherivera sagt:

    You really can’t go wrong with a stay at a Sofitel. I’ve not been to this one in Brussels, but now after your post, I will definitely book the next time I’m there. Your room is spacious and chic, love that bathtub, and your breakfast and dinner options look delicious! I’m hungry now!

    • Karoadores sagt:

      I absolutely agree with that! Their hotels are amazing, I’ve also never been disappointed. The food was really a big plus during our stay in Brussels, especially the breakfast was heaven. Can’t start the day better 🙂

  5. Dada sagt:

    Sofitel l’Europe in Brussels looks like a great place to stay! The room looks like to be bigger that my flat! And I guess the price must be high to…atleast for our budget. But I love to have an insight of hotels I problably never will have affort to.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Hi Dada, glad you like the pictures. You will be surprised to hear that Sofitel Brussels is actually not that expensive. You can have a great superior room for approximately 100 Euros per night, depending on the time of your visit.

  6. Samah sagt:

    Sofitel in Dubai looks amazing as well! Although I don’t pay much attention to where I’m staying (all I need is a bed and bathroom lol), I would consider this if I was visiting Brussels for a relaxing vacation. It’s great you had good customer service and that it’s conveniently located is a bonus!

    • Karoadores sagt:

      I can imagine that Dubai must also be crazy nice, glad to hear that! Customer service is so important to me, there’s now way around that IMO. In Brussels it was a great overall experience 🙂

  7. I’ve stayed in the Sofitel in numerous locations (not brussels) and it is such a luxurious hotel! I feel like the name itself makes it seem expensive and amazing. Although I was not too much of a fan of Brussels, I shall return one day and try to stay here!

    • Karoadores sagt:

      I absolutely agree, have also never been disappointed by a Sofitel hotel or resort. Let me know if you would like to have some tips on what else to visit while in Brussels, maybe you’ll give the city a second chance ;). My fiancĂ© is from Brussels so we could provide great advice away from the typical tourist traps.

  8. Ezinne sagt:

    I love how luxurious the hotel is. So much comfort and style. The food also got me. Everything there seems so colorful and alive.

  9. Hendrik sagt:

    I must say, it is for me totally obvious why you were so much impressed by the Sofitel. It truly looks amazing. 5 Stars Hotel… I am sure you can already expect highest quality and your impressions absolutely confirm that. And then such a breakfast with these fruits having in bed… how could a day start better? Very nice impressions of a truly beautiful hotel.

  10. Therese sagt:

    Sofitel hotels and resorts are always amazing! We are considering going to Brussels next year and I’ll definitely put this place on my list.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      That’s true 🙂 I’m glad to hear that, let me know if you need any extra tips when going to Brussels. It’s my fiancĂ©’s home town so we know many great places away from the typical tourist traps.

  11. Suzanne sagt:

    You certainly had me at library. Does the hotel have a lot of English titles? Also, the breakfast looks great. I always appreciate fresh fruit at the start of the day.

  12. Marcie sagt:

    Oh how lovely! I’ve heard of the Sofitel, but this exceeds my expectations! That breakfast in bed is making me swoon a bit! And your photos make me feel like I’m actually there! I haven’t been to Brussels yet, but I definitely want to now!

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Thanks Marcie, I’m glad you like my review. We will also totally come back to that hotel, it left us feeling 100% pampered and relaxed.

  13. Yukti sagt:

    Sofitel is always my favorite and this branch of Sofitel in Brussels looks comfort stay with luxury. Views from terrace with nice sit out wins me over. Rooms are spacious with all luxurious amenities. Breakfast is also sumptuous. Will look out for this hotel when in Brussels.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Hey Yukti, I’m happy you like my review. It’s definitely a great experience staying at Sofitel Brussels and we will come back the next time we visit. Let me know about your experience when going there 🙂

  14. Lydia Smith sagt:

    Sofitel is so beautiful. Everything about it – decor+cuisine+views- scores 10/10. I’ve not had much opportunity staying in any of the Soiftel’s but this one at Brussels is just too perfect that I’m going make sire I find one for my stay on my next trip. Glad I read your post, I round something new.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Thanks Lydia, I’m happy you like my post 🙂 Another big plus of this Sofitel is that it’s not so expensive like in some other cities and you still have all the comfort and luxury. Let me know about your experience when going there 🙂

  15. James sagt:

    The Sofitel L’Europe looks like the perfect place to stay in Brussels. I like how it’s located next to a park so you can get some peaceful time in the city. The rooms look luxury and the lobby very Instagrammable!

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Absolutely, it’s great for pictures and the park is very lovely, especially with all the swans, birds and dogs. I didn’t expect finding a place like that directly in the city. We’ll definitely come back!

  16. Neha sagt:

    Café Marché Jourdan seems like a great choice and noted for my future travel to Belgium. This five star hotel looks super luxurious and comfortable. I love such stays glad to know you explore the luxurious side of travel as well. Food and ambiance looks fab.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Oh yes, the food there was amazing with great service, I find this really important. Absolutely agree with you, especially on city trips I like to be comfy.

  17. Tyler sagt:

    Looks like an amazing hotel. Id definitely live to stay here someday very soon!

  18. I am impressed with this Sofitel in Brussels. The lovely pictures and amenities in the room seem very comforting to the traveler in me. The library area has to be my favorite. I have stayed in Sofitel Mumbai in India and it is also a great hotel.

  19. Brussels is still an offbeat destination. I loved the contemporary looks of the lobby. Even the rooms look so cozy and comfortable. I prefer rooms which have a theme of pastel colors. It is just so relaxing. Do they serve vegan food as well?

  20. Parnashree Devi sagt:

    Everything about Sofitel L’Europe is stunning. The decor, the red lounge sofa , the rooms and food, I loved everything about this hotel. My most favourite is the library. I would love to experience my stay here someday.

  21. Marvi sagt:

    The red chairs/ lounge chairs at the reception is definitely eye-catching! And were there books on the ceiling? Pretty cool design! Love how modern and chic the interior is.. Looks like a pretty great hotel to stay for a couple of days! 🙂

  22. This hotel looks lovely and modern. That red sofa is to die for and what a location! Did you eat a chance to visit the spa?

  23. WhodoIdo sagt:

    We’ve stayed at the Sofitel Dubai Palm Jumeirah and the service was fantastic. The room looks very bright, spacious and comfortable. Was the breakfast included in the room rate? It’s great that there’s a terrace offering views of the city – would be ideal in the Summer to watch the sun go down with a cocktail in hand. Love the decor at this hotel!

  24. Moimehr sagt:

    I have heard of the Sofitel brand before. But oh my goodness, I don’t know if I should appreciate your photo skills or the stunning beauty of the hotel. Regardless, I loved them both. This hotel has a freshness feel to it which I would one hundred percent want to experience it some day. Since we are yet to visit Brussels, it looks like a possibility to me. You have documented everything like an ace blogger. And those colourful macaroons in the breakfast are to die for. Just wow !

  25. Payal sagt:

    This place looks so amazing… I absolutely loved their aesthetic look and the rooms look so comfy… i will definitely give them a try

  26. Oh wow, this hotel looks so fabulous. I love that tub not to mention the great location. I am sure I used to wander past this hotel when I lived in BXL and drool because I was so broke at the time.

  27. Diana sagt:

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen a presidential suite before and wow it looks incredible! I would totally „settle“ for a basic room here though. I love the restaurant and bar – the lighting makes it look super fancy and cool. Would love to stay here next time I’m in Brussels!

  28. Iulia sagt:

    This looks gorgeous! I love the film and the pics… I was actually wondering where to stay in Brussels during my upcoming business trip, so this is a gift :):) Love the online check-in feature. I hope they also have the online check-out feature. I found that only in the US up until now, but is just great! Safe travels!

  29. amit sagt:

    Looks like a really nice hotel to stay in, although I’m more on the budget side of traveling – You are right though, even though this is a 5 star hotel it really has a nice cozy feel to it and I love the view from the terrace. I also noticed in your picture of your breakfast you were served macaroons 😀 – Maybe if I have some cash to splurge out when I’m in Brussels I’ll give it a shout 😀

  30. Sara Essop sagt:

    This looks like my kind of hotel, although I haven’t stayed at a Sofitel before. I love the rooms, the decor and the location. I will definitely look at staying here when I visit Brussels.

  31. This looks nice. I like hotels that are luxurious and comfortable. A beautiful lobby of a hotel sets my mood always.
    Decor and hospitality are other things that I look for. Will keep this in mind when I am travelling to Brussels.

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