Paradise found - Angthong National Marine Park

Paradise found – Thailand’s Angthong National Marine Park

Hi friends, have you ever been looking for the ultimate beaches, breathtaking views and a true vision of paradise?

Search no longer because paradise has been found: Thailand’s Angthong National Marine Park comes pretty close to my vision of it!

During our Koh Samui vacation we made a one-day speedboat trip to this magical place and were absolutely amazed by its beauty. But let’s start from the beginning 🙂

What is Angthong National Marine Park?

  • The national park is located in South Thailand between Ko Samui and the mainland
  • It’s an archipelago consisting of 42 different limestone islands
  • You can explore breathtaking beaches, hidden lagoons, underwater coral gardens and so much more 🙂
  • The name means golden bowl in English
  • You can even camp on an island in the park!

How to get there

Unless you want to spend lots of money and rent your private boat, I suggest booking a shared speedboat with an organization like Samui Link (approx. 40 Euro p. day & person).

You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning and board the speedboat to Angthong National Marine Park which is 60 minutes away from Samui’s north coast.

The staff is really friendly and competent, everyone worked very hard to provide us with the best experience possible.

Extra tip: If your ears are sensitive I suggest bringing earplugs because speedboats tend to be noisy.

Already the boat ride to the national park is beautiful! If you want to take great pictures I can definitely recommend choosing a place in the rear part of the boat.

Enjoy the ride to paradise 🙂 !

Activities at Angthong National Marine Park

What I loved about this tour is that we got to experience all the great activities in this magnificent paradise:

  • We went snorkeling for about one hour
  • The kayak tour was so much fun!
  • Hiking to different viewpoints was rewarded with breathtaking views
  • Exploring white sandy beaches that I’ll never forget was one of my favorite activities
  • Watching different animals like monkeys, exotic birds or beautiful fish
  • Having lunch by the beach was really relaxing

Kayaking at Angthong National Marine Park

Hiking at Angthong National Marine Park is rewarded with this breathtaking view

How beautiful is this?

The hidden lagoon was one of my favorites!

The white sandy beaches are so beautiful…

I could have stayed here forever…

What a peaceful place…

A different world 🙂

Who could resist this view?

Paradise found

The day at Angthong National Marine Park was definitely one of my favorite days in Thailand and I would absolutely return there.

What about you? Have you ever visited Angthong National Marine Park in Thailand or would you like to go there?

Or have you found any other places you consider irresistible?

My other favorites are definitely Bali (watch my favorite Balinese places here) and basically every place in California (Check out my experiences at Huntington Beach and in Los Angeles – there’s a reason for its nickname city of angels).

Feel free to share your experiences, recommendations and feedback in the comments 🙂 !



This Article Has 8 Comments
  1. I can see why your title is Paradise found – it really does look like a paradise! I don’t usually do day long excursions with groups but this one looks wonderful, especially with that hard to get to destination and those great activities (like kayaking and snorkeling)! Now I want to go …NOW! Great photos, a beautiful place.

    • Karoadores sagt:

      Thanks Rebecca! I usually don’t like group tours neither since I prefer to set up my own plan but this one was an exception. It really felt like being in paradise and the activities were so much fun 🙂 I can definitely recommend trying this one day.

  2. Greg sagt:

    Thanks for the tip, the places look so amazing and beautiful. This is definitely a place on earth that I have to see !

  3. Alyssa sagt:

    I absolutely love how much of a paradise this is considering that Koh Samui can be so crowded! I didn’t know you can camp too, that’s a dream to wake up to those views!


  4. Taryn sagt:

    Went to Ko Samui earlier this year, but a week’s worth of monsoons prevented my visit to this picturesque spot. I was thinking how can it rain for a whole week straight! Hope to return to check it out!

  5. Jackie uy sagt:

    Beautiful place! I plan to go Koh samui next year I didn’t know this place until I read your post! Very helpful thanks for sharing amazing photos!

  6. Jem sagt:

    Lovely pictures! I enjoyed how informative your post was, especially the tips, they were really helpful. Looked like a wonderful trip

  7. lexieanimetravel sagt:

    Southern Thailand is very attractive would love to do the snokerling, I think one hour is not enough for me, I love snokerlings (lol) last time I did was 2 hours It was so fun, never did kayaking though, and hiking will be much appreciated for me.

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