Stockholm, Helsinki & Tallinn – Our luxury mini cruise with Tallink Silja

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Dear travellovers and friends,

as you might have seen on my Instagram account @karoadores, we recently went on our first mini cruise with Tallink Silja Germany !

Those 5 amazing days gave us the opportunity to see three stunning cities in a short amount of time:

  • Day 1: Hamburg – Stockholm- Helsinki
  • Day 2: Helsinki – Tallinn
  • Day 3: Tallinn – Stockholm
  • Day 4 & 5: Stockholm

Visiting these cities while being on a cruise is such a comfortable way to explore foreign countries and new places!

In the following I am going to give you an overview of our trip with Tallink Silja and let you know why this amazing mini cruise is a great idea for anyone!

If you want to get an idea of what your own luxury mini cruise could look like, visit Tallink Silja – Booking your mini cruise!

Day 1 of our Tallink Silja cruise: Hamburg – Stockholm- Helsinki

On our first day, we flew from Hamburg to Stockholm and started our cruise trip.

After arriving at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, we took a taxi and 10 minutes later we arrived at the Tallink Silja cruise ship terminal.

We boarded our first luxury cruise ship, Silja Symphony, which would take us to Helsinki, Finland overnight.

We got comfortable in our Deluxe Cabin with an amazing view and were instantly impressed with the high comfort the cruiser offered.

Tallink Silja Deluxe Cabin

Tallink Silja Deluxe Cabin

Tallink Silja Deluxe Cabin

This first evening was also really magnificent because we got to enjoy the breathtaking views of the numerous little islands of Sweden on our way to Helsinki.

Tallink Silja View

Tallink Silja cruise Sweden

Tallink Silja cruise Sweden

After enjoying a delicious dinner on board, we visited the casino and nightclub on board which was so much fun!

Tallink Silja Symphony Deluxe Cabin

We didn’t go to bed too late though because we wanted to be fit to explore Helsinki the next day.

Day 2: Helsinki – Tallinn

After getting a great night’s sleep and a good breakfast on board, we arrived in Helsinki, Finland at 10:30 am.

Tallink Silja Helsinki

Tallink Silja Helsinki

This was the first time we realized how much more comfortable it is to explore different places by being on a cruise: Instead of being exhausted from long travel distances, we felt perfectly relaxed and were ready for a great day of exploring Finland’s capital.

Unfortunately the weather was quite rainy, so we first went to the Old Market Hall to get lunch.

We had never tried Finnish salmon soup before and it was so tasty! If you ever visit Finland I can absolutely recommend trying it!

After our lunch the rain had stopped so we took a walk in the harbor area and also saw the Dome of Helsinki.

Tallink Silja Helsinki

Tallink Silja Helsinki

There are many little streets and cute cafés in this area so it’s great to take a little bit of time and enjoy the atmosphere. We were told beforehand that Helsinki is not a city of famous sights but more a place to enjoy the vibes and that is so true!

Tallink Silja Helsinki

Therefore we had a great day before going back to the cruise ship terminal and start the 2-hour-trip to Tallinn, Estonia. Having tickets for the luxurious business lounge at Tallink Star cruiser was definitely a great way to enjoy this journey and so we arrived in Tallinn feeling happy and relaxed after an amazing day.

We checked in at Tallink City Hotel which is located in the center of the city and enjoyed our comfortable room.

Day 3: Tallinn – Stockholm

After a delicious breakfast at Tallink City Hotel we were ready to explore Estonia’s beautiful capital.

We started our trip by taking an Uber to Alexander-Newski-Cathedral and enjoyed the great weather there.

Tallink Silja Tallinn Estonia

The Old Town of Tallinn is definitely one of the city’s gems and so amazing to explore!

Tallink Silja Tallinn Estonia

Tallink Silja Tallinn Estonia

We walked all the way down to the Big Square where we had lunch and enjoyed the little shops in the area.

Tallink Silja Tallinn

Tallinn is not a city that has been on top of our bucket list before but after going there on our Tallink Silja cruise, we were so happy that we had the opportunity to explore it!

Tallink Silja Tallinn Estonia

We started the evening by going back to the cruise ship terminal and continued our journey with the Baltic Queen cruiser!

This time, we even got a suite at the front side of the ship! The suite was so big and spacious and we couldn’t believe the fantastic view on Tallinn when we left the harbor.


Tallink Silja Suite

Tallink Silja Suite

We basically spent the whole evening having dinner, enjoying the great sunset view from our suite and had fun at the show at the nightclub afterwards.

Our time on board of the Baltic Queen was probably our favorite part of the cruise, besides exploring the great cities, of course.

Day 4 & 5: Stockholm

The next morning we were truly sad that we had to leave our comfortable suite. On the other hand we were also really excited to explore Stockholm!

Tallink Silja Stockholm

Finishing our cruise in Stockholm was definitely a great idea because it’s the city that definitely takes most time to explore. All the three cities we saw were absolutely beautiful but Stockholm has most to offer.

I will definitely give you detailed advice on how to spend a weekend in Stockholm in a separate post =) !

Our conclusion – Tallink Silja mini cruises

After having so much fun at our mini cruise with Tallink Silja, we are definitely hooked and get why so many people like to go on cruises!

It’s not just for senior people but simply provides amazing opportunities to explore many fantastic places in a short amount of time!

Furthermore you won’t feel exhausted while traveling because of the high comfort the ships have to offer.

We will certainly go on another cruise in 2019!

What about you? Have you ever done a similar cruise or would you like to try this cruise? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Amanda sagt:

    I have never been on a cruise before, and this looks like the perfect place to start instead of committing to a really long one. I also didn’t realize that visiting Helsinki, Tallinn, and Stockholm was possible via cruise, so that’s pretty interesting. Towns with not much „sight-seeing“ but tons of great vibes throughout are right up my alley, so Helsinki sounds like a good match to me! Great post and absolutely lovely photos! 🙂

  2. amar singh sagt:

    What a brilliant way of seeing many countries together and not staying in them. I would love to take this cruise as some of the countries you visited will not be ones I would like to spend many days in. Talin takes my fancy the most I must say. The cruise seems comfy enough and after a long day at one city back to the comfy bed and off to another . The views of the islands is great from the cruise. thanks for sharing

  3. Yukti sagt:

    Cruising with luxurious Silja Symphony must be fun and it is great that it is your first mini cruise trip. The Old Town of Tallinn is truly beautiful and worth visiting as it is very colorful. Also, the suite on the cruise looks big, spacious and comfy with beautiful views while you are sailing. I would definitely book for this beautiful tour.

  4. Jessica sagt:

    I’ve been wanting to visit all of these countries! After reading this I think a cruise might be the perfect way to do that! Great read!

  5. Elizabeth sagt:

    I had no idea you could cruise this area! Looks like a great way to see everything. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Raescape sagt:

    I’ve never been in a cruise before and by the way you told your experience, I would definitely put that in mind! What easier way to visit countries, right? I also enjoyed your vlog!

  7. Ferny sagt:

    The room, the food, the views! Wow everything looks like a dream.
    It looks amazing and I’m sure it was a fantastic experience. Thank you so much for sharing a totally different cruise!

  8. Loved your post and beautiful pics! A cruise is such a relaxing, civilized way to travel and see the world!

  9. Bilal sagt:

    I truly believe a cruise is a great way to experience a city! Especially since there are so many different options to choose from, you can pretty much customize it to your liking. The views of the islands from afar are so magnificent.
    Thanks for sharing this great post.

  10. Sylvia sagt:

    I love cruises. Those ships are simply beautiful and definitely luxurious! The food looks delicious, would love a trip like this.

  11. Mario sagt:

    Heh, yeah indeed – „senior folks“ is the first thing that pops into my mind when it comes to „cruises“. But having seen this itinerary this could be a nice way to have a brief visit to all these capitals of northern Europe.

  12. I have never been on a cruise. Because I think it might be overrated. But, it definitely looks fun based on your article and pictures.

  13. Nomads4life sagt:

    Nice post! We visited Tallin, Helsinki, and Stockholm over the summer but it was on a large cruise ship. This is a nice way to do it!

  14. Angela Fernando sagt:

    Sounds like you had a great time there! I have never tried a cruise before, and you have convinced me

  15. Laurence sagt:

    Wow, five amazing days in cruise. What a long relaxing way to enjoy Stockholm. Not sure if I’m a fan of cruise, since I don’t if I can stay that long in it. But thanks for sharing your experience.

  16. Never been on a cruise before but this experience looks really good! I really want to go to Tallinn badly! Thank you for sharing and great Vlog 😀

  17. Paul sagt:

    I’ve never really thought about doing a cruise but it sounds like you had a great time. You certainly covered some great cities on this trip.

  18. Daniel sagt:

    I haven’t traveled much in this part of Europe but I’ll definitely have to change that soon. Thanks for sharing this lovely article, it was really inspiring

  19. We have been to only one cruise in our lives at Halong Bay. We just loved it and want to experience more of them. This one looks great. Wonderful way to see three amazing cities in a short time.

  20. Simona sagt:

    Wow! Would love to go on such a cruise! You visited so many beautiful places! Gotta check it out and go myself now! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Renata - sagt:

    I’m actually not so fond of cruises – but the individual destinations look very alluring – especially Tallin. I’ve been planning to visit Estonia forever – and a combi like this is certainly great.

  22. Jaz sagt:

    All of these places are on my list to see and I did not think it would be this easy to see them all at the same time. I have never been on a cruise but it does look like a scenic way to travel.

  23. I’m so jealous of your cruise! I’ve been to Malmö , but only for a day or so. I really want to soak in Sweden, and as a teacher, I just need to get to Finland to learn from them! Also, I love your blog. Your branding and videos are en pointe!

  24. Kemi sagt:

    This looks so amazing! I’ve never been to those cities but I have them on my list to explore. I guess I’d prefer the cruise in spring or summer where it’s much less cold lol. A great way to see the sights of each city but also do something as unique as cruising. Definitely fun.

  25. Michaela sagt:

    I really like your pictures and the itinerary looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Kate sagt:

    I love your photos – it looks like you had an amazing time. I love your video of your trip as well!

  27. Candace sagt:

    It looks amazing! A great way to see many different sites at once!

  28. I’m not really one for cruises because of sea sickness, but this looks fabulous! I love the idea of getting to see more of the area while not having to unpack your stuff and repack it every day. Your photos are fantastic. I really want some Finnish salmon soup now!

  29. dabi sagt:

    I have been to few but not yet to Sweden. I will check this one out. =)

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