Nahim Cafe Bangkok

The sweetest place in Bangkok: Nahim Cafe

Hi friends!

Are you also fascinated by lovely little coffee spots and original cafes? Then Nahim Cafe might be an amazing option for you while visiting Bangkok.

I’ve seen several pictures of Nahim Cafe before our trip to Bangkok so visiting was definitely on my bucket list!

There was no way I was going to miss Polka dot milkshakes and all the other goodies waiting there.

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

So how can I get there?

Like always, I prefer taking the taxi or Tuktuk but there are also several bus and railway stations nearby. If you’re taking the railway, exit at Hua Lamphong station.

The cafe is quite small (approximately 20 seats), and hidden in a little side street so enjoy strolling through the neighborhood.

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

What’s special about Nahim Cafe?

You will find a variety of different coffee specialties on the menu as well as several sweet treats and milkshakes. What I specially liked about Nahim cafe is that there is so much love in the details. You can definitely see that all drinks and food are prepared with so much love!

Furthermore the atmosphere in the cafe is so unique and playful! Nahim Cafe is definitely not the usual coffee spot that you’ll find in every city but rather special and mesmerizing experience!

But see for yourself:

Nahim Cafe Bangkok menu

A part of Nahim cafe’s menu

A choice of Nahim cafe’s sweet treats

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

Look at the playful atmosphere!

What are our favorites at Nahim Cafe?

After trying several coffee specialties and milkshakes I have to say that we definitely preferred the Polka dot and S’mores milkshakes!

The technique with the gluing marshmallows is simply so beautiful, tricky and tasty that it has absolutely convinced us and we couldn’t get enough.

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

Polka dot strawberry milkshake

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

S’mores milkshake

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

What a tasty spread!

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

Everything was so good!

My conclusion

So in conclusion I can say that Nahim Cafe is definitely worth a visit while you’re in Bangkok! It’s an amazing place to sit down, relax, regain some energy and just explore something different than your usual coffee spot.

The prices are also very reasonable with 2Euros for a Cafe Latte and approximately 2,50Euro for a special milkshake.

What are your favorite coffee spots in cities you have visited so far?

Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Like always, all opinions are my own and I have not been paid or sponsored in order to write this post.

Nahim Cafe Bangkok

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  1. We are spending Christmas in Bangkok and this will definitely be on our to do list, many thanks for the tips. Have shared to Pinterest for future use.

  2. Samah sagt:

    This is going to sound funny, slightly disturbing, but in Toronto, we have a place called the Poo Cafe, where all mugs are tiny urinals and bowls are mini toilet bowls. Anyway, the drinks and pictures at this cafe remind me of the drinks and overall ambiance of the cafe here and I feel like a similar theme overall. It’s very cute (despite the theme) and gets a lot of visitors!

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